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My Voice Media Center Project offers free art sessions for adults in the mental health community and also for their support systems, friends, and family.

My Voice Media Center is also home to 2 Partner Youth Sessions, the CASA Art Night, and the Allensworth Art Night with Allensworth Progressive Association.

Meet our Facilitators

Bronson Combs

Wednesday 10-12 PM

Practice basic and advanced skills for composition.

Art of Movement
Geroge Jagatic

Friday 2-3 PM

Learn artful poses for mind-body wellness.

Heidi Steinman

Thursday 10-12 PM

Learn the fundamentals of painting and working on canvas.

Merry.100_0016 copy.jpg
2D and 3D Art
Merry Miller-Gass

Tuesday 10-12 PM

Art exercises using color, texture, and various art media.

Merry.100_0016 copy.jpg
CASA Kids Art Night
Merry Miller-Gass

Last Wednesday of the Month 5-6 PM

In collaboration with the Tulare County Court Appointed Special Advocates, CASA, CASA Kids Art Night is a blast on the last Wednesday of the month.

Video Editing
Phet Kamsaysoury

Thursday (in person) 12-2 PM

Practice skills necessary for editing video clips into shorts and videos.

100_0500 copy.jpeg
No Stigma Speakers Bureau
Olivia Garza

Second and Forth Tuesdays 1-12 PM

No Stigma Speakers Bureau, or NSSB, is a public speaking session.

Eddie2014-05-17 01.31.45 copy.jpg
Eddie Isaola

Friday 12-2 PM

Learn techniques for creating original prints.

Hector2014-05-15 .jpg
Hector Uriarte

Wednesday 1-3 PM

Learn from any level of guitar, sheet music, and performing.

Allensworth Art Night
Lateef Kadara

Third Thursday of the Month 5-7 pm

In collaboration with the Allensworth Progressive Association, our youth session is at the Allensworth  Community Center on the third Thursday of the month.

Merry.100_0016 copy.jpg
Art and Feelings
Merry Miller-Gass

Friday 10-12 PM

Explore the connections between feelings, shapes, style, and colors.

Photo Editing
Phet Kamsaysoury

Tuesday (on Zoom) 12-2 PM

Practice editing your digital photography and using the software.

100_0500 copy.jpeg
Peer Support
Olivia Garza

First, Third, and Fifth Tuesdays 1-12 PM

A One-on-one session with our Peer Support Specialist (by appointment only).


Featured Peer Artwork


Friday 12-2 pm

Pastries - $4

Butter Croissant - $2.5

Coffee/Tea - $1

Fresh Juice - $2

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