This session is led by Professional Photographer, Michael Alvarez.  In this session, he provides basic understanding of the technical skills needed in digital photography. Both the beginning and advanced portions of this section are designed to build confidence in creating avenues of expressions through photography.


Participants will learn how to operate a digital camera and will get a basic understanding of the design skills needed to express their thoughts.  In addition, participants will become familiar with transferring photos from their camera onto an Mac or PC    computer. 

Photo/Video Editing


This session is led by Professional Photographer/Videographer Phet Khamsaysoury.  In this session, participants explore the basic photography and videography skills needed to capture moving images with an easy to use digital camera. Participants will view images and videos to identify best in quality. They will have the opportunity to incorporate sound and picture to their videos and will be able to edit, transform, or modify their photographs using the software Final Cut Pro X.  Participants can develop a portfolio of images and video taken. 

Pastel Painting

Led by professional artist Rebecca Haigh, this session is dedicated to developing images through the use of pastel painting techniques.  An important part of this session is the guided critique every week, during which participants have the opportunity to share constructive comments and opinions with each other.  This critique is meant to encourage thoughtful analysis of artwork and to build the sense of camaraderie.


Art Journaling



This session is led by Professional Visual Artist, Amy Figueroa.  Art Journaling allows participants to create journal style entries in mixed media compositions dictated by a prompt of the day.  Prompts vary from portraiture studies to one word suggestions.  This session incorporates painting, drawing, and writing.

Drawing Basics

This session is led by Professional Visual Artist, Debbie Navarro.  Basic Drawing allows participants explore line, form, texture and value.  Participants will learn the basics of how to capture their surroundings through paper and pencil. 

2D/3D Design























This session is our original Peer led session.  Our Peer Support Specialist, Olivia Garza, uses techniques she acquired at UCLA's 2017 Arts and Healing Conference to lead participants through a wide variety of short term art exercises. This session is designed to encourage visualization and planning in color, texture, and materials.  Participants are also asked to fulfill a short writing requirement after each project, explaining the reasons which led to their final product.   

Fantasy Game Creation























This peer led session allows participants to learn the basics of creating interactive worlds for others to participate in.  Learn how to create a living narrative to provide hours of fun for your adventuring party! This session combines creative writing, internet research, and basic acting/roleplaying. 

Poetry and Prose

When weather permits, this peer-led session gives participants an introduction to basic ballroom dance steps such as salsa, waltz, and swing. This session is intended to increase interpersonal relationships and self confidence in expressive motions.  

Poetry and Prose

Through guided reflection and writing, the student will develop a collection of their own creative written self-expression.  This is achieved through poems and story telling exercises on various topics. A positive environment providing style and skill refinement with class support ​and critique. 


The class will share discussions, quiet reflection, guided writing experiences, as well as reading and reciting aloud - at times, with video and audio recordings.





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