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Our Impact
We encourage audiences to examine possible stigma within themselves and their community.

Each speaking engagement helps raise awareness of our triumph over stigma through:

     A greater understanding of           people with mental illnesses.
     A reduction of fear and     judgment toward people with   mental illness and their families.
     An increased respect for   individuals recovering from   mental illness.


Since 2007 the No Stigma Speakers Bureau has trained individuals of lived and shared mental health experience in various disciplines, alongside people from the general public. Our main goal is to help diminish stigma and discrimination towards individuals with mental challenges. 


We are passionate about transforming pain into empowerment, so we utilize our lived experiences as tools to express our triumph over stigma.

We encourage our audiences (community organizations, college classes, health professionals, police and first responders) to examine their own possible biases and work to dissolve stigma within themselves and our community.


Our team is an open group who meet monthly for training, coaching and practice. To find out how to schedule the bureau or for more information, including how to participate, please contact Olivia or Hope at (559)772-0001.

Mental Health Stories of Wellness and Recovery

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