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Traveling to Artist Studios

My Voice Media Center is a part of the Arts Consortium. Arts Consortium offer an event each year called the South Valley Art Tour. This is an event where artist open their home, and their studios and allow you to see their workspace and purchase Fine Art from all over Tulare County.

The tour went all the way up to Three Rivers and back to Arts Consortium itself where there were groups of artists, single artists, and many places to choose from to visit Sat and Sun. March 23-24th.

The participants enjoy just looking, talking, and learning about art and what other artists do in many types of media, like pottery, painting, printmaking, carving, ink drawings, weaving, and gourd weaving.

There are many more types of art around during the tour and I encourage you to visit the tour every year!

South Valley Art Tour Gallery:

South Valley Arts Tour 2024

Thank you for participating in this event My Voice Media Center!


Please contact Sandra at Arts Consortium for more information on how to become a part of the South Valley Arts Tour next year in March!

Send an email to



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