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THEME: "A Tune for June"

Each month, My Voice Media Center likes to add a theme and a color for each month. This connection to the things that inspire us is important. Participants are able to use this color or theme as a jumping-off point, a place for which their artistic ideas can flow. Using this as inspiration the ideas may lead to inspiring art, music and wellness.

Many people look to inspiring quotes for their inspiration or to start or end a day. Artists look to other artists, colors, support through learning how to's or new techniques, practicing skills, and through their own wellness and resilience. At My Voice Media Center we are no different, we love to have a theme and a color each month on our monthly calendar to start us off right. This month, for June, our theme is "A Tune for June" and the color is pink, or magenta.

This theme, a tune implies both wellness and music. The colors are happy and signify grace and vitality.

Music at My Voice Media Center:

Participants at MVMC enjoy guitar and relaxing music during sessions. This music and setting the tone for their own wellness is part of their own personal journey with recovery in mental health. Our Guitar session has been created with the help of a well-known guitarist, Thomas Fetch. He is also a part of Grace Note here in Visalia, CA. Participants are able to also perform at the Barrel House. Thomas has created a course that is well-versed and lucrative to any level of guitarist.

Participant: (left)Sheila enjoys a session at My Voice Media Center to perform at the Barrel House, in Visalia, CA.

Thomas Fetch and Grace Note enjoy the festivities at Taste the Arts; October 2021

There are many ways to relax and enjoy music. Some of the festivities for May, Mental Health Awareness month involved the community and the art of music. Song, dance, drawing to music, music to sleep, music to meditate, and many more ways to enjoy music have become stress relief strategies for adult who have lived experienced mental health issues in their lives. Their well-being, top-priority, use the music to close their eyes, think, and meditate on themselves. Join us next Open Mic event with My Voice Media Center to try your hand at your own music, karaoke and even reading poetry.

Participants, Tulare County's mental Health Community and newcomers enjoy a relaxing day at Mooney's Grove Park for May, Mental Health Awareness Month.

The color pink, or magenta: (in art):

The color pink is a color of life, childhood, naivity, childlike responses to life, and love. These feelings and ideas are key to some of the greatest artworks. Seek out your own meaning for the color pink, or magenta for the month of June and create a masterpiece of wellbeing.

In our pastels and acrylics sessions Wed and Fri from 10AM - 12PM the facilitator, Rebecca Haigh will lead you on a journey to find those meanings ad create works that are important to you, also, at any level of experience!

It is important for artists of all ages and levels to have themes and specific colors in their work to help give the work meaning and conceptual experience. In our perception of art we also tend to have associations with certain colors. Whether it be emotional, or iconical, we are continuously seeking out what certain colors may stand for as opposed to what color we are actually looking at.

At My Voice Media Center we encourage the participant, our peers, to interact with colors and meaning to help them express themselves. In the case of expression through music we tend to perceive the world through tunes and iconic songs. Perhaps your favorite song has cheered you up once or twice from a gloomy day. We, as artists can learn to hone these talents,




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