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The Pastels and Acrylics Sessions

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Participants learn the basics of composition and inspiration for a composition. The facilitator for My Voice Media Center's Pastels and Acrylics sessions truly takes the time with each participant as a guide. In these sessions MVMC's peers are able to begin using the necessary tools to complete finished works that truly amaze!

That's not it, either, they are able continue practicing, picking up the techniques and knowledge that enable and inspire them to continue in pastels and acrylics.

Remembering the moments and the participants that have been in Rebecca's session here at the 300 E Oak Ave, 2021 Arts Consortium will be fun! There are a lot of images of participants engaged and some of their work. Too many to post in one small article, but I think you will enjoy what they have been up to lately!

Here are some moments of discussion about ART and Composition:

Here are some images of participant's work:

JOAN; 2021

CHRIS; 2021

SHEILA; 2021

Please call Hope at (559) 802-3266 with questions, thank you!

WE, MVMC, can neither confirm nor deny that any individuals pictured on the website, family, associates, or other are current or former consumers of mental health services. Thank you!

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