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The Latest from Printmaking

Francisco Alonso's Printmaking Session- now in person 5 people per session. In Francisco's session he helps participants develop the skill necessary to create noteworthy designs and transfer the design onto a plate/or linoleum block. Then the idea is carved out using special tools creating a relief-type stamp, ready to be inked. Once the plate is inked, the participant is then taught how to use the press to create a print. From there the print can be re-made for a certain chosen number of times.

Joining Francisco's session is easy, just call us to become a participant and learn more about what we do here, as MY VOICE MEDIA CENTER. We are a mental health outreach for adults who have lived-experienced mental health in their lives, or person who has had a friend or family member lived-experienced mental health. We are a part of the Art's Consortium and serve Tulare County.

See below for our contact information!

Being social is a great part of recovery and well-being. Participants are able to discuss and become part of the session through social interactions and the facilitator, Francisco's direction for looking into the art-making of Printmaking. He integrates tools for recovery as well as a direction for your art using art history, showing examples, demos, and his own artwork.

WELCOME BACK-it's good to see you all in person again!



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