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Rose Pink

The monthly color represents kindness and understanding, love, and caring. This color is soft and warm to the eyes, having a physical relationship to how we feel, and our emotional response in our minds. When we see the color pink we may think of people we care about, things that are dear to our hearts, and moments like Valentine's Day, and positive moments in our lives.

2D and 3D Art with Olivia; Thursdays 12-2 pm

Keeping up the positivity, Merry Miller Gass has been using the last session of Art and Feelings to explore the color of the month. This month she utilized a brainstorming activity to explore the participant's and artist's take on the color Rose Pink. This color can have a dramatic, and also calling feeling. The participants took an elegant, personal, and also fun take with this project.

Art and Feelings Session, February 23, 2024

Sheila A. 2023-24; Painting

Art and Feelings Color Study; 2023


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