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Remembering the Lumberyard

My Voice Media Center will be saying goodbye to the lumberyard at Arts Consortium in September -October 2021.

It has been fun!

My Voice Media Center, an entity and project of the Arts Consortium, will be planting roots for 2 years at a location (TBA). The My Voice Media Center Project, MVMC, will continue to offer free Art Sessions, Peer Support and other opportunities for participants to become a part of the arts community and express themselves through the mediums of art and music. MVMC offers these services for adults who have experienced mental health struggles in their lives, first-hand, or second-hand.

Phet Kamsaysoury, Photo and Video Editing

Many, many memories exist in the midst of the outdoor, street art "complex". Many memories have to be gone through, like footage and still photography, used in the wide-open space that the Lumberyard provides for the Urbanists. Occasionally, MVMC would conduct projects outside in the large spaces, like tie-dye shirt making, spray painting for projects, and projects like the well-known stress-relief project, by Olivia Garza.

In remembering the art that was made, MVMC has been searching for old photographs and videos that will help us remember the good times, the car shows, events, and all the great opportunities that have come to us via the Lumberyard, Thank you to the Urbanists and Arts Consortium for helping MVMC become who we are today.

Work in the Lumberyard for Installation 2021, My Voice Media Center

Thank you again!

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