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Photo Skills Help with Marketing

Susan Leary has dedicated her time and efforts into making her talents show!

She occasionally designs a new graphic design, or Facebook post for My Voice Media Center, highlighting her own photography.

Skills and Technique

Susan has been attending Phet Kamsaysoury's Photo Editing Session, and his Video Editing Session for some time now.

She has learned what it takes to photograph on her own and use special software to edit the photography.

After becoming comfortable with Photo Editing, Susan began practicing Video Editing. Her talents and input when it comes to photos and videos in these sessions are valued and treasured. She spends a lot of time photographing on her own, too!

She collaborates with other participants and staff to help make MVMC's videos a great experience.

After a while, MVMC asked her to make a couple of posts for Facebook, diving into the marketing side of video editing and graphic design.

Susan's Photography:

Susan's photography is one of talent and grace. She is consistently taking pictures to spend her time relaxing and enjoying life. It shows in the elegance of her images, and the time she has spent learning how in Phet's session has paid off.

Her images are full of creative design, looking into her subject matter and also taking portraits of people. She loves to take pictures at My Voice Media Center events and also Arts Consortium events. She will be at Taste the Arts again this year, so if you see her say hello, and tell her how amazing her photography is!

Susan Photography; September 2022; Arts Visalia Community Art Show

Susan's Videos:

Collaborative Video with the Video Editing Session Wednesdays from 12-2:PM

Collaborative Video with the Video Editing Session Wednesdays from 12-2:PM

We are glad to watch participants learn using mental health tools they have learned, such as patience and perseverance. We look forward to all of My Voice Media Center's participant works and encourage the art of self-expression.


The My Voice Media Center is a project of the Arts Consortium, in collaboration with the Tulare County Health and Human Services Agency - Mental Health Branch, the City of Visalia, and the California Arts Council, with the support of the Tulare County Board of Supervisors.

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