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Peer Art Gallery News

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Peer Art Gallery News

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Featured Peer Artist:

Trish Greenfield

My voice media center is open to those in Mental health outreach positions. We reach out in more ways than just art and free art sessions. In looking back at one of the most important ways that art “happens”, we saw that TRISH GREENFIELD was sharing her art and doing a great job at it, too.

Sharing your art with others is not just a social part of recovery, well-being and part of our art community, here, at My Voice Media Center, but an integral part of an individual’s journey in art. Trish participates in NSSB, NO Stigma Speaker’s Bureau, and many other activities. In this growing of mental illness recovery through joining the community in art, a participant is well armored for success...

Former Participant:

A former participant recently said about Phet Khamsaysoury, "thanks for emailing me the newsletter. After seeing that Phet Khamsaysoury is still working at the My Voice Media Center terms such as Aperture, Depth of Field, Exposure, Saturation, and White Balance returned from the depths of my long-term memory. Before working at CSET I attended several photography classes and learned quite a bit from Phet. Studying under Phet allowed me to realize that having one skill set can lead to many other opportunities. Phet is a teacher, directed music videos, and produced a P.B.S. special. Staff members that work in the lived experience field definitely help consumers build the foundation to build upon, especially in my case." (Oscar F.)

You go Oscar!

And thank you Phet!

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