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Our Facilitators

What is the role of a FACILITATOR of the ARTS?

The role of the facilitator in the arts is complex, simple, unique and qualified. The complexity of the facilitator is in their personal planning with the sensitive subject of mental health. Combined with the arts in this great opportunity for artists as participants, and new artists to enjoy themselves to express themselves is a vital process of the mental health outreach of My Voice Media Center.

The process of becoming a participant does not require any money or proof on the adult's part who is a part of the mental health community. The Facilitator's position in facilitating a session is to allow for the flexibility of communication, learning and awareness to take place. In contemplating a session's focus, artistic subject matter and creating an avenue for mental well-being a facilitator has a unique perspective. They are the guiding light of the session and have to encourage all types of perspectives.

The simplicity of learning and staying well is a part of each session that we encourage. We want the environment of My Voice Media Center to remain safe and welcoming.

We hand-pick our Facilitators from the community and enjoy the contributions they make to each session. They are the influence of art and community that we hope our participants will have one day.

Thank you for all that you do FACILITATORS!

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