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NSSB on Film for TV

The No Stigma Speakers Bureau, at My Voice Media Center has been doing a wonderful job presenting to organizations all around. They present with SJVC two times per year, they present bi-monthly with the Tulare County Police Department, at the Crisis Intervention Training, and they present at various organizations and for people throughout the year.

In January 2024, Meetings began for a very important video to be released by MHSA and Health and Human Services, Mental Health division. Their Community Outreach Team wanted to create a video that involved the participants at My Voice Media Center and our No Stigma Speakers Bureau.

No Stigma Speakers Bureau at San Joaquin Valley College Jan 2024; Instructor Mary Ann Laufer

After several meetings, emails, and media releases, the NSSB session was ready to present on February 27, 2024. Most participants came early to continue practicing and prepare for their moment on camera.

The video included their NSSB story and will also include part of their success story, what they love doing here at the My Voice Media Center.

Previous Presentation Gallery; 2020-2024

Please email, or call us at (559)772-0001 for more information on how to request a presentation.


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