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Noble November -"Thank You"!

At My Voice Media Center we provide a safe and welcoming environment for adults in our mental health communities in Tulare County. Participants are able to attend free art sessions on a regular basis. The goal is to provide an opportunity for our peers to stay on a path of wellness and recovery, using the creative mind and the creative process.

Our project offers free art sessions to adults who have lived experienced mental health in their lives. The sessions include sessions in traditional art forms like painting and drawing, printmaking and 2D and 3D Art. We have photo and video editing which are new technology sessions. There are other support based sessions available, as well, like peer support, the No Stigma Speakers Bureau and we welcome friends and family members of the participant to join in the learning process and discovering tools, both in art and in their own wellness. We encourage resilience and self-expression.




2D and 3D Art:

Photo Editing:

Video Editing:

Peer Support:

No Stigma Speakers Bureau:

Special Events:

Yesenia and Olivia at Taste the Arts 2022

Visalia Wellness Center's Halloween Bash and MVMC's Open Mic - Olivia and Ampelio

Visalia Wellness Center's Halloween Bash and MVMC's Open Mic - Olivia and Ampelio

CASA Kids Art Night

My Voice Media Center also holds a monthly CASA Kids Art Night, Court Appointed Special Advocates in Tulare County. the children are able to spend time learning and spending time practicing art skills and having a lot of fun!

November is the beginning of the Thanksgiving holiday and I would like to thank all of the participants and staff here for making My Voice Media Center something special in Tulare County!


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