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My Voice Media New Years Resolutions

There are many opportunities for us to make resolutions this year. Let's make some for the artist inside all of us!

In January- 3D Art Self-Expressions in Self Portraits are an important milestone for artists. 3-D art Clay Masks help with Self-Awareness. Join Olivia's 3-D art Session on Thursdays at 12:PM on Zoom.

What are some other projects and accomplishments that you have as an Artist this year?

  1. Invite a new Member to join

  2. Try a new Session

  3. Create something for show in the Arts Consortium, to have it ready for show

  4. Draw Outside, or Paint Outside

  5. Spend some time in Nature and photograph the event

  6. Try a new Medium

  7. Paint someone else's portrait

  8. Join our Up-Coming Writing Workshop (Jan 20th and 27th at 2-3PM)

  9. Call us about Scheduling a Session

  10. Make Art for yourself and your Wellness

From Daily Art Magazine: "New Year’s Resolutions Inspired by Artists; By Alexandra Kiely

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