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MVMC's First Solo Artist Show

Hello all! I hope you are staying indoors this week and painting, drawing or creating on your computer, and staying out of the heat!

This is a great time to relax and create art indoors.

Speaking of indoors ... the Visalia Wellness center will be hosting a "Resources Fair" filled with activities, art and much more.

My Voice Media Center will be there with one of our peers! Our peer has prepared a breadth of work to sell at the event. We are so proud of him that he is our first My Voice Media Center solo art show.

The Visalia Wellness Center's Resource Fair

We encourage all participants to be a part of the presentation of their work. We provide them with the opportunity to seek out contests, submit art during various art show opportunities and help them learn how to frame, sell and promote their work.

Some of Nelson's work:

Nelson; My Voice Media Center 2021; Acrylic Painting

Nelson; August 2022; Drawing on Paper

Nelson; July 2022; Graphic Art


(images from

(image from

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