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MVMC Art of Movement

The My Voice Media Has a session every Friday called Art of Movement. It is a yoga session and is very relaxing. George Jagatic is our facilitator. He works with each participant at every level. Some enjoy using a chair and others a mat on the floor. He plays music, as the mind, body, and soul are in artful poses.

The Art of Movement session is on Friday from 2:00-3:00. (We will be closed Friday, February 16th, for President's Day!)

Each pose is not just good for the body but for the mind too. Meditating and relaxing your body and mind are so important. Finding a place nice and quiet is a great way to end or begin your day.

What is the session like?

Yoga Class Structure

This yoga structure is tailored for the participants of My Voice Media

Center to outline how you can structure a regular practice at home unique

to what your body needs. Yoga helps to increase body awareness, focus,

improve motor skills, decrease stress, enhance self-esteem, and offer a

a deeper understanding of your inner process.

This structure begins with a seated meditation and gentle warm-up

followed by deeper poses to increase your range of movement and self

awareness. Practice ends by bringing your body and mind to a place of

stillness and peace in Savasana.

(George Jagatic, Art of Movement facilitator)

Special NOTE:

(We will be closed Friday, February 16th, for President's Day!)




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