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Must Be August Sunshine

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Our theme for AUGUST 2021

Our sessions at My Voice Media Center become more and more exciting as participants gain the necessary tools and knowledge that is necessary for a successful work. As we celebrate the work that is done at MVMC, we celebrate the complexity and diversity in sessions that we hold. We hold sessions in Photography, Video and Photo Editing, Pastels, 2D and 3D Art, and much more.

Celebrating our wellness and recovery can be like sunshine on a rainy day. This August I welcome the sunshine of each of our peers, facilitators and staff to enjoy the rest of the summer in a bright mood with colors of sunrise or sunset. Yellow is a color that we think of when we think of sunshine, so I encourage you to take this theme into your art and see what you can do with it!

Let's look at some artists that use the color yellow:

Pictured above we can see Franz Marc use an abstract background and abstract composition of the gentle and graceful movement of horses. Now you have to ask yourself why did he use the bright yellow? All the horses are the similar hue of yellow with hints and touches of bright blue and bright red in the background. Was he trying to express the primary colors in some way?

Yellow, one of the primary colors that precedes the secondary and tertiary colors on the color wheel are three of the most bright and vivid colors, when mixed together make the entire color wheel.

Title: Little Yellow Horses

Date: 1912

Media: oil, canvas

Current Location: Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

Dimensions: 66 x 104 cm


The image above is a linocut completed as a Printmaking work. The subtle color that can be added to prints is a learned technique. After conquering the process with paper and black, or dark ink, it is beneficial to learn how to add color slightly to areas of your compositions that have the ability to stand out. Like the boat in this print, the slight yellow help it to emanate not only from the paper but feel a bit like sunshine and emanate the time of day. Yellow can therefore be used to reflect the sunlight and the variants of yellow the time-of-day.

Our Peer's Work:

Pictured above participants gain an understanding of adding layers and design through the use of tape and acrylic paint in 2D and 3D Art conducted by our Peer Support Specialist.

Choosing how and why an artist will use yellow is truly up to them. My advice is to find out why you want to add yellow, have plan and make steps for yourself in order to complete your plan in using yellow and yellow hues in your work.

Remember that MVMC is a family and asking your facilitator, your peer specialist, your project coordinator, or your executive director for guidance in your journey is always welcome. We are taking this art journey together and as your guide, MVMC is a great resource to find out more about you and how you want to express yourself in art.

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