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Mental Health Tools We Use in Art

Mental Health Tools and Advocacy:

There are many ways to get involved with mental health, in fact mental health is a part of most people's lives. 1 in 5 people are in direct connection with someone who has a mental illness. (Mental Health America.2021)

We encourage participants through many obstacles in several different ways. We not only offer free art sessions as a part of our capability to empower others artistically, but we offer help with the community resources through peer support, we offer the participant the opportunity to become part of NSSB, the No Stigma Speaker's Bureau, and we encourage large projects to be completed by committees made up of participants, finally we offer computer-time to those in need, all, in a safe and welcoming environment.

In the building of resources in the community, mental health play a huge role in recovery. "There is no health without mental health", a phrase coined by US Surgeon General, David Satcher in terms of a person taking a look at their overall wellness, health, recovery and many other factors of everyday life. Participants can be a part of the My Voice Media Center, as they build skills, and practice wellness. The process and journey of each person is unique and requires that connection to opportunity that they find here, telling their stories with NSSB and participating in our free art sessions. We off these services to not only adults who have lived-experienced a mental illness, but also to direct family and friends of those adults who have lived experienced mental health.

Resources are necessary for an individual to connect the dots, become involved in the community and develop a wellness and recovery journey of their own. Another resource in the community of Visalia, where we are located, that also offers activities and opportunities to become a part of the building blocks to an ongoing recovery is the Wellness Center. There are also resources online, including national sites, like the one that I use for "Art and Wellness-Art Topics, You Choose" on Thursdays from 2-3PM. this site offers opportunities to take a quick stress test, develop skills in wellness using worksheets and visit to get a chance to see what others just like you are doing in the nation. The site and organization is called: Mental Health America (

Visit our site to learn more about the session we offer and give us a call for more information on how you can get involved.

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