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Martin Luther King Day

Follow Your Dreams

We hope everyone has had the chance to celebrate Martin Luther King Day. It is important to help keep your dreams alive, strive to do the right things in life, and be who you truly want to be. Martin Luther King was key to many people's dreams coming true. The idea of freedom and peace should be spread all around today, so happy Martin Luther King Day! (Monday, January 15, 2024)

We hope you are celebrating the New Year this month too, by creating a calendar, doing a WRAP Plan with our Peer Support Specialist, or journaling about your dreams!

The Art and Feelings Session created New Year's Vision Boards for their dreams of this year...

It is important to remember that mental health is a critical component of overall health, and we should prioritize our mental well-being as much as our physical health. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues, there are several resources available to help.

VISIT NAMI for resource contacts in Visalia:

This 1967 photograph shows Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (right) and his son Marty with the Rev. Walter Fauntroy in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, D.C. (Courtesy of and


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