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Joyful July for Youth

My Voice Media Center is proud to offer 2 youth sessions. One is with Tulare County's Court Appointed Special Advocates and is called CASA Art Night The youth enjoy projects like dream boards, paintings, and many many, more.

The second session we offer is in Allensworth, CA. Still located in Tulare County, Allensworth Art Night is sometimes home to 5-22 youth, participating in the activity.

The ideas behind the youth session lie in the message of mental health awareness and how art can offer many of the tools necessary to manage your mental health. For instance, drawing and painting offer the tools of relaxation and concentration.

As in many mental health outreaches, art is a useful tool in providing a similar action by an individual. We can relate to the way art works. Like mental health tools, we take out the necessary tools.

Children and adults are receptive to the connections we can make between art and mental health tools.

CASA Kids Art Night:

Our largest running children's session has been running since 2021. The session is once a month and offers the children some time to relax, have fun, learn, and experience fine art. The session is inspired by the tools we use for our mental well-being. The tools we use for our mental health are sometimes similar or can be related to those used in fine art.

Merry Miller-Gass shows the children how to create paper, paint crafts, and experience these tools first-hand. Her sessions may have something to do with how we feel, managing emotions, or finding tools to help make us happy. These important lessons are paired with her art mediums for a fun CASA Kids Art Night.

Allensworth Art Night:

Allensworth Art Night Video:

Allensworth Art Night is presented by our facilitator, Lateef Kadara. Lateef dedicates some of his time to preparing sessions like abstract mirror paintings, the participants learn how to work together. While they work together the result of the paintings is meaningful and beautiful.


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