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Installation Music and Video

Thank you so much to all of those participants, Pine Recovery, facilitators and Arts Consortium who helped with the installation for F1rst Friday!

Please enjoy the whole video, which was part of "Tranquil Lennei Landmark". Before the video, I would like to share some still photography from the video.

Photography and Video by MVMC participants; Susan, Anthony, Nelson, Sheila


Due to unforeseen complications with the size of the video...the video has been postponed.

Thank you for your patience!

The OPEN MIC Event - F1rst Friday with Arts Consortium

My Voice Media Center was proud to present the installation for May, Mental Health Awareness month and for the event held for may's F1rst Friday. F1rst Friday Artwalk is an event held by the Arts Consortium each month to help the community of artist grow, get together, and connect through the arts community. There are multiple organizations that help participate in the F1rst Friday event where members fo the community are able to visit these locations and see the art!

My Voice Media Center invites you to see the art as you walk into the Arts Consortium located in the Oval Park in Visalia, CA.

Event: F1rst Friday event by Arts Consortium; featured artist - My Voice Media Center; May 2022

My Voice media Center is an entity of the Arts Consortium. With our partners at Tulare County Health and Human Services Agency and many others, we were able to participate in the events of May for Mental Health Awareness month.


Future Installations: TBD

Please come by and visit us at

808 N. Court St or call us at (559)772-0001



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