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Inspired to Paint

Heidi Stienman is the facilitator for Painting at the My Voice Media Center. She is a patient individual and talented artist in Tulare County's artist community. She dedicated some of her time each week with My Voice Media Center to help our participants, old, and new learn how to express themselves through painting.

Heidi enjoys using color as the starting point for her session, she wants the participants to be able to choose and express from a reference through color. Heidi uses references from her own photography of the Tulare County Dry Creek Preserve. She also offers other sources of references such as previous session materials, or references that have been approved.


Learning how to paint can be relaxing, inspiring and create a self-guided time to self-search. Art forms are all different and the peaceful music played in the session also helps participants to relax and enjoy the environment.


Other Works:


Heidi Stienman facilitates the painting session at the My Voice Media Center, located in the Arts Consortium, on Thursday mornings from 10-12 PM. The session allows only five people, so sign up NOW!

The My Voice Media Center Peer Art Gallery is Growing:

We have developed a permanent hanging system for the My Voice Media Center and will soon be creating a way for you to submit your art for our own art shows!!!


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