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From your MVMC Project Coordinator, Halonnah Kay;

Happy New Years!

I would like to thank all of My Voice Media Center staff and Arts Consortium staff for the warm welcome into the coming New Years! I am proud to be of service at the Arts Consortium and My Voice Media Center and this year is going to be a blast!

Participants, thank you for all of your dedication and please don't hesitate to call one of us for an appointment!

New Comers please call us as soon as possible to check-out the opportunities that My Voice Media Center has to offer. Being a Mental Health Outreach program, this is your opportunity to shine this year and I hope to see new faces coming in! Don't hesitate to call for free Art Sessions, Peer Support, NAMI Connections, and No Stigma Speaker's Bureau meetings and Preparation. Art can be a strength that only you can build upon, day by day....let's take that journey together! (559)802-3266

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