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From the Lumberyard to the LOFTS

From the Lumberyard to the Lofts...

My Voice Media Center has had a few different homes, but the one move that we are about to make into the LOFTS at Fort Visalia is going to be the biggest and most wonderful of them all!

Looking back at "The Lumberyard"

The Temporary Building:

We stayed at the Oval Park for 2 Years.

A look back at 808 N. Court St...

Looking Ahead to the Self-Help Enterprises Lofts

We are excited and thankful to all of those who helped grant, build, participate, and create this great move for MVMC. We are looking forward to the professional look, the room for the Peer Art, and the move back downtown.

New Address: 340 E. Oak Ave. Suite 112

Visit us on our first day, Halloween 2023 - October 31, 2023!


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