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For the Love of the Canvas

Many of our sessions create works on canvases. "Your canvas" is a special thing in art and here, at My Voice Media Center.

When we think of our canvas, we are thinking about ourselves. What do i want to do with the canvas? What do i want others to see and interpret from "my canvas"?

2D and 3D Art Sessions create many texture-art designs and creative "Last-Friday Art Video" paintings on canvas:

What do you like on your Canvas? There are many colors created from the palettes of our participants. There are many designs, but which one is right for you. The search for the perfect painting isn't what the canvas is all about, though.

We are here, at My Voice Media Center to encourage the creation of new work, displaying work, and continuing your journey into painting and creating an expression of yourself.

Create. Be you, and express yourself!

The NEW! Painting Session with Heidi Steinman is a fantastic way of beginning to paint on canvas:

CASA of Tulare County Kids Art Night Session, at the end of the month, is a perfect way for children to begin learning how to paint on canvas:

Become a part of My Voice Media Center and experience the joy of understanding you are not alone and there are ways to stay on your path of wellness and recovery. Express yourself through our free art sessions and let your support team join, too!


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