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NEW "All-Sessions Day": A Museum Trip for Art and Wellness

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

My Voice Media Center planned an "All-Sessions Day" for a trip to a local museum.

You may have heard this and wondered what a museum could do for you, well for the artist and individual, a museum can have many benefits, the Art and Wellness Session would say.

We recently enjoyed a trip to the Getty Museum in LA, and had planned to take participants to a local museum. In doing so it help participants along a path of researching Tulare County's Visalia, CA for the Lumberyard Video in which the participants are exploring the history of "Fort Visalia" where the old Lumberyard, our old Arts Consortium used to be.

In the Art and Wellness session MVMC shared why a museum trip is good for you when we visited the Getty Museum. Why a museum is beneficial to your wellness and recovery is important if you are planning to visit one. I invite you to participate on the journey that the video editing session and other sessions are making in making a museum trip part of their artistic ventures and explorations. Participants are able to photograph, research and create a work based on photographs they took at the museum.

The Local Museum Trip:

A visit the Tulare County Historical Society's Museum, right here in Visalia at MOONEY Grove Park.

In this article we discussed the journey that our peers are taking in visiting local museums and discovering more about the history of Visalia, CA, our local community. Thinking about our wellness and benefits that a museum can have on our mental health and connecting to our community can be beneficial. In researching the history of your local community can help draw people together for discovery. Many photos and videos were taken and the experience that our peers had was beneficial to their lives and knowledge along their journey through wellness and recovery.

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