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Copy of First Friday Show with My Voice Media

Welcome to First Friday at Arts Consortium

My Voice Media proudly prepared for this May, Mental Health month. Collaborating between sessions the participants prepared for this May by creating an Installation, a MHAM 2021 video, and many other activities and sessions. Each peer's success in expressing themselves and their stories are a part of what My Voice Media Center does.

The Art's Consortium's My Voice Media center announces this May's Mental Health Awareness Month First Friday. Participants are welcome to RSVP for this Friday from 5:30-8:PM

May is Mental Health Month at the Arts Consortium’s My Voice Media Center and we would like to remind you that we are “In it Together”!

The Arts Consortium’s My Voice Media Center, in collaboration with the Tulare County Health and Human Services Agency, offers a connection to our community for adults who have what is known as “lived-experienced” with mental illness. This includes individuals who have been diagnosed with mental health issues as well as those who provide support for these individuals.

The My Voice Media Center is meant to bring our participants together in a safe space while teaching them to express themselves through the arts. During May, all of our Participants will be recognized along with our theme, “In it Together”. We will share drawings, painting, writing, music, printmaking, as well as technology-based art forms like photo editing, video production, and sound recording. You can see examples of our participants’ work in our PEER ART GALLERY.

Our talented Facilitators provide these free art sessions on a weekly basis to people of all different skill levels. They are carefully selected for their artistic achievements and for their commitment to help our participants realize their artistic aspirations.

We are very proud to share the collaborative installation project, entitled, “Our World, Our Perspective”. Our participants created a Committee months ahead of time and have provided feedback to each other, connecting to each other during our public Thursday Check-Ins. The project is made up of umbrellas, a framework made up of tent poles, and many flowers and raindrops. The pieces, such as the umbrellas, raindrops and flowers were made during the 2D and 3D Art Session, with Olivia Garza, who is also our Peer Support Specialist. This installation is the first ever for MVMC, and will continue throughout May for Mental Health Month, becoming an interactive part for the First Friday Show.

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