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MID YEAR Review for Art and Wellness and the No Stigma Speaker's Bureau! Jan 2021-Jun 2021

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Welcome to the Participant showcase for the MID YEAR Review for Art and Wellness and the No Stigma Speaker's Bureau!


Art and Wellness

Art and Wellness is a session that was created from a general check-in on the ZOOM platform during COVID-19 shutdowns. Its ability to help participants and staff communicate and discuss topics in wellness, recovery, mental health and of course ART, has topped the charts here at MVMC as the newest session we have added.

"Art Topics You Choose" is the slogan and we encourage new participants and prospecting participants as well as staff, facilitators and participants.

Please visit New Tab ( for more information on the worksheets. This a great site to visit for mental health and wellness tools and resources!

Take the mental health test and the stress test: Self-Help Tools | Mental Health America (

No Stigma Speaker's Bureau-NSSB

The No Stigma Speaker's Bureau is a public speaking session designed to help and guide participants in telling their story. Their story is important to many including CIT Trainings, Police Officers, health Practitioners, Hospitals, Recovery Homes and many other opportunities for the participant to use our guided assistance and practice to tell their lived-experienced story.

We encourage all of our artists to be a part of this opportunity.

Zoom Platform at My Voice Media Center

NSSB 2nd and 4th Tuesdays 10-11am

Please visit the Portfolio Page of for Participant Portfolios!

Please contact us for more information (559) 802-3266

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