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Celebrate Women's History Month

Updated: Mar 25, 2021


Women in the My Voice Media Center Project;

A Celebration of Women in Art History and Women Making History

February 28, 2021

By Halonnah Hope Kay, Project Coordinator

We are embarking on a generation that is equal, embarking on a community that has NO STIGMA, and realizing that we all have a genuine part in history and art.

The major imaginative and collaborative assignments and projects currently at My Voice Media Center, the peer support, the joining of minds in proactive solutions, like ZOOM Sessions, the Organizations and Executive Directors that support us, WE ARE WOMEN IN ART! ARRRRRRRT!

My Voice Media Center is a Mental Health Outreach Project designed to encompass those, including women, who have lived-experienced Mental Health in their lives. There are women in the driver’s seat as artists, as individuals, and as the most, strong Participants, equal to all of those in the community. This non-discriminatory attitude is upheld in our vision of NO Stigma in Mental Health, we want to celebrate our woman and support them.

Women, Participants at My Voice media Center

Women participants show courage and abilities in art as they progress in Art Sessions of various genres. From 3D art to Video Editing, writing for the No Stigma Speaker’s Bureau and telling their stories. This ingenuity is regarded as a high prestige here at My Voice Media Center and we commend those women. These women have voices of the present times, voices that speak to other women with discipline, strength, and the creation of art. It is through the women of My Voice Media Center that examples are set in place and voices are heard. Thank you, women participants of My Voice Media Center!

(Women in IMAGES, Photos and Video: Olivia Garza, Peer Support Specialist and 3D Art Facilitator, Rebecca Haigh, Facilitator, Vicki Leary, Participant, Susan Leary, Participant, Sheila A., Participant, Kelli Doti, Participant, Trish Greenfield, featured Peer Artist for March 2021)

Women in Mental Health

Many women belong to our partners and our supporters. A special thank you to Tulare County Mental Health Board and women who choose to be members. Your voices are appreciated and heard.

To become a member go to: MENTAL HEALTH BOARD (MHB) APPLICATION;

Women in Leadership Roles at My Voice Media Center, Arts Consortium

Our guides, mentor and employees at My Voice Media Center, Arts Consortium are important. Meet some of our women: Board and Staff Biographies The Visalia Arts Consortium;

Projects included in Olivia Garza, one of our female employees, has created a process for involving Mental Health tools into her Sessions. Participants learn the valuable tools they need for everyday life and pair it with the creative side of themselves each Session. She has created with participants Sessions that include Stress Relief, Goal Setting and Emotion Control, and many more. The installation project coming soon to MVMC, is a big part of her Session in the weeks to come and we support you as a working, productive and talented Woman, Olivia!

Rebecca Haigh, Facilitator of Acrylic Painting and Pastels has passed on her knowledge of fine arts to many. She continues to Facilitate Art to participants via Zoom and has been recognized by the Arts Consortium during her featured show in January 2021. She expresses herself as a strong, unique, and talented individual conqueror and achiever of greatness!

Women in Art History

Thank you for all of you!

Credits:; graphic: silhouette

Please share videos and photos of you and your art to also be included in the BLOG!

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