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Buddy Jones' Workshop

For more than 80 years, Buddy has been a strong leader and advocate for the things he believes in.

"Buddy Jones recognized for lifetime of boundless advocacy, art," reads the article from the Sun Gazette, by Lacey Patrick in November 2022. (

Amongst the things My Voice Media Center recently learned from his workshop, he has been a part of many communities with his perseverance, dedication, and love for his craft. He was recently awarded the Majorie Brandon Award which comes from Majorie Brandon a long-time art teacher and founder of the Center for Spiritual Living here in Visalia, CA. This major honor is not Jones' first, as he has been honored and recognized for his works and advocacy of National Parks by President George Bush in 2002.

Buddy Jones at My Voice Media Center Jan 2023

Advocating, just like we do for mental health in our small groups, is something that Jones became accustomed to. He owned his own highly-renowned, black-owned, business called "Buddy Jones Contracting" becoming renowned for his work. He also advocates for the National Park services, particularly in Allensworth State Park, where he created a train touring service for the park.

"We're capable of changing. We're capable of doing different things, " the article by Patrick quotes Jones.

TOTA has been a big part of his work in Tulare County where he has had 3,500 people attend a cook-off with his wife. Venders, drum circles, and much more are a part of how he has no stigma for racial inequality, and advocates for much more. Environmental planning and events in Visalia are other things Jones is recognized for as he plans to build a sculpture downtown, a minority of black-owned businesses. If you feel like participating in one of Jones' drum circles and being part of a place with no stigma and activeness in cultural diversity, join "Buddy Jones and Friends " on Facebook.

The advocacy he brings to TOTA and his many events and projects throughout Visalia, CA, My Voice Media Center we are proud to have had him as a guest in his special woodworking session this month. His projects, woodworking, advocacy for parks, and many other recognitions were welcomed storied during his woodworking workshop.

Before After

Many attended the workshop in our small MVMC room, but everyone made room for the spirit of the craft. Jones went on to ask participants to choose a piece of wood that spoke to them. You have to feel what the wood is trying to say, Jones spoke.

Woodworking workshop with Buddy Jones Jan 2023

As a part of the activity he shared small pieces of wood, some had been precut and some for participants to look at. They sanded and talked openly about woodworking and Jones' career and talents, especially talking about the craft of woodworking. MVMC would like to thank him for spending time with us and being part of our journey through mental health, having no stigma, and for the craft of self-expression through the arts. We are glad we have an advocate like him on our side!

Thank you!


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By Lacey Patrick; The Sun Gazette

5:25 pm, November 2, 2022


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