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Become Involved in Your Community and Your Mental Health

Tulare County Health and Human Services:

Seek out connections and groups, find out what your LOCAL community is doing!

Mental Health Crisis Line

Contact & Location

Call the 24-hour mental health Crisis Line for immediate assistance with non-emergency mental health crises. 1-800-320-1616 This is a 24-hour emergency crisis line; there is no physical location.

My Voice Media Center Project

(an entity of Arts Consortium - Visalia, CA)

MVMC is a mental health outreach supported by Tulare County Health and Human Services. We are a project that offers FREE Art Sessions to adults with a firsthand lived-experience. We also offer services to that peer's support person, peer, or family support. Please call us at (559)772-0001

Gardening in 2D and 3D Art Sessions Thursdays 12-2PM

Stress Relief Project in 2D and 3D Art Sessions Thursdays 12-2PM

Guitar Sessions for ANY Level of experience Tuesdays 1-3PM

Video Editing Session; Fridays 12-2PM on ZOOM



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