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Art of Movement (cont.)

What is the Art of Movement Session?

The Art of Movement session is a My Voice Media Center session for adults who had a lived experience with mental health or they are attending to support a family member or friend. The session is filled with learning artful poses and breathing for wellness. The session focuses on moving, and stretching and is available at any level of experience.

The session alternates from artful dance therapy, and artful yoga poses every Friday from 2-3 pm.

In the session, we have been successful in reaching participants who need a peaceful release, a calm and engaging response for their bodies, breathing, and emotional state. The session practices peaceful music.

Instructor: Geroge, Stevi, Drew, and Susan

Currently, the Art of Movement session is working on choreography for May, Mental Health Month. The session plans on performances throughout F1rst Friday at Arts Consortium, May 3rd from 5-8 pm.

Art of Movement Gallery:

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