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Allensworth Art Night...

Children from the Allensworth Community Center; Christmas 2023

As My Voice Media Center has grown over the years we have new partners in Tulare County! Allensworth Progressive Association kindly hosts an Allensworth Art Night for children.

The members of the association and the facilitator, Lateef Kadara, have this special Art Night for children, on the third Thursday of every month at the Allensworth Community Center.

This December the children decorated ornaments, painting them with holiday cheer!

Lateef Kadara, right, has dedicated his time to creating art sessions based on creative thinking and art skills. These are My Voice Media Center sessions, too, so you can bet they are relaxing, fun, and a supportive way for children to learn a new skill and develop their mental health toolbox, all at the same time!

Just like the CASA Kids Art Night, the children can be social, concentrate on their skills, develop a new talent, and have a great time using the creative process as a tool for mental health.

CASA Kids Art Night; October 2023; with Merry Miller-Gass, Children's Book Illustrator and My Voice Media Center Facilitator for Art and Feelings

My Voice Media Center has been a part of the Mental Health Community in Tulare County for 9 years, and we continue to grow because of the way that the creative process works to better our mental health, create a safe and welcoming environment, and become a part of someone's life for the better. Our facilitators are talented and renowned artists in the community, they are our heroes and we look up to them!


Allensworth Progressive Association:


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