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Warm Hearts for the Holidays

December 2022

A look back on this year's Crisis Intervention Trainings and how each time we tell our stories it impacts the community and touches hearts all around. Tulare County is a big place if you think about it and our No Stigma Speaker's Bureau is proud to present when all sorts of officers from all over Tulare County visit My Voice Media Center. The No Stigma Speakers Bureau is a dedicated public speaking session that is available for the purpose of sharing personal stories of success with the community.

MVMC is located in the Arts Consortium, in Oval park, this is our temporary home until the new building is built near the bus station. The construction is well under-way, but this is home for now.

We are proud to have the No Stigma Speaker's Bureau present, who have practiced and practiced their stories in the NSSB session. the officers are able to come inside MVMC and see "where all the magic happens". The magic is all of the art projects that participants create and what it takes to create them. The creative process is an important part of learning how to express yourself through the arts. This allows a person to fully develop the side of them that can be patient and use skills necessary to make the art they want to. We have a lot of inspiration from our facilitators who are artists in the community themselves.

Recently, the CIT group was able to see MVMC and listen to a couple of stories from the NSSB session. While the officers were here they also got to see one of our "drip-pour" activities in the 2D and 3D Art sessions happening.

"Drip-Pour" session for 2D and 3D Art 2022

Take a look at CIT and NSSB in the year 2022:

A look back on 2022 Crisis Intervention Trainings and the No Stigma Speaker's Bureau

We invite you to become a part of My Voice Media Center. We are a project through the Arts Consortium and in collaboration with Tulare County Health and Human Services Agency - Mental Health Division, California Arts Council, and the Tulare County Board of supervisors.

The My Voice Media Center focuses on serving adults in Tulare County who have what is known as "lived experience" or first-hand experience in mental health. We welcome their caregivers, friends, and family to join in on our programming. We offer our participants a safe and welcoming environment with free art sessions led by professional, working artists. These sessions include traditional art-making training, and include outreach and advocacy elements like the "No Stigma Speakers Bureau" and one-on-one Peer Support. Our project, MVMC, promotes community wellness and resilience.

Art Sessions include Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, 2D and 3D Art, and Photo and Video Editing.

Click the link below to learn more...


Visit for direct links to resources all over Tulare County and a download for your apple or android phone!

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