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MAY is Here! Mental Health Awareness Month

Welcome to 2022's Expressions of Wellness and Recovery, celebrating May 2022, Mental Health Awareness Month. My Voice Media Center traditionally hosts F1rst Friday in May at Arts Consortium. It's bring your own blanket or chair and enjoy the OPEN MIC NIGHT, after you come in and visit the Arts Consortium from 5PM to 8PM. The Doors will be open for 1 hour, 5-6PM, so that everyone can see this years installation committee's art, and Micki's art featured on the poster.

As posted in the Arts Consortium Newsletter...

May “Expressions of Wellness and Recovery”

This month's theme is "Mental Health Awareness", an annual theme celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month all over Tulare County with special activities. My Voice Media Center Project will be featured in Art’s Consortium’s F1rst Friday event. The Installation 2022 will be recognized and presented from 5-6PM and from 6-8PM we will be having “Lawn Party Open Mic” at our building in the Oval Park. Come join in the fun and celebrate mental health awareness month on F1rst Friday!

Celebrate wellness, recovery, and resilience and wear, or use LIME GREEN in your art this month, to help use the traditional color for celebrating mental health awareness month.

All our participating artists are encouraged to incorporate our monthly themes within their art.

My Voice Media Center (MVMC) offers Photography, Printmaking, Video Editing, Photo Editing, Pastels, Acrylics, Guitar, 2D and 3D Art, NSSB- The No Stigma Speakers Bureau, Peer Support, as well as other activities, such as an Installation committee for May, Mental Health Awareness Month, and every “LAST Friday” of the month, we will be featuring an ART video from 2-3PM!

Please check out our calendar page at:

Reminder: One on one, Peer Support sessions are available on WED 2-3PM and THURS 2-3PM - schedule yours today!

Last Month: “April Amazement”

· April’s F1rst Friday featured one of our facilitators at MVMC, Phet Kamsaysoury, who instructs the Photo/Video Editing Session

· In April a participant shared more than 100 images from the South Valley Art Tour held in March.

· CASA Kids Paint Night continues to be a great outreach with our partners Court Appointed Special Advocates, CASA of Tulare County with sponge art

· Peers continue construction of the Installation 2022 for May’s My Voice Media Center’s F1rst Friday, May 6th 5-8PM with the Arts Consortium – an annual show and Open House for MVMC

· A participant works on the “Paper Floor” in the center of Arts Consortium for all to see in May

This Month: “Expressions of Wellness and Recovery”

· Participants in the No Stigma Speakers Bureau help plan an open mic, “Lawn Party Open Mic”, bring your own chair or blanket for F1rst Friday

· May 26th celebrates Mental Health Awareness in Tulare County at the “Friends and Family Fair” at Mooney’s Grove Park from 11-2PM

· The installation, “Tranquil Lennei Landmark”, and the paper floor will be open for viewing on May 6th from 5-8PM – F1rst Friday at Arts Consortium

· MVMC’s LAST FRIDAY VIDEO will be on May 27, 2022, from 2 3 PM! See you there!

See the artwork at: My Voice Media Center | Arts Consortium, the Portfolio page!

We encourage the use of self-expression through various mediums of art to help participants stay on a path of wellness and recovery. We would like to invite you to become a participant of My Voice Media Center by visiting us and completing an enrollment form.

We also invite newcomers to call or come by to find out more and enroll!

For more information please call (559) 772-0001 or email

mvmc@artsconsortium.orgThe goal of the My Voice Media Center is to reduce the stigma of mental illness. We provide a safe and welcoming environment where participants may learn to express themselves through the arts; we provide exhibition and art sale opportunities for our participants; and we help educate the public about mental wellness and recovery.


For more information on getting the Arts Consortium's newsletter, please visit



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