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Love Your Art Theme

I chose love your art theme because I want every participant and staff member to know how special each artwork they make truly is. As we learn and pick up the tools we need to create art, we also need to learn preserving and care techniques for our workspaces and tools. In the modern times and the pandemic times, we are communicating and creating portfolios more online and in more online systems of organization. This short blog is about organizing and creating an online workspace.

First and foremost, we need to address how to pair our Mental Health with our ART and, LOVE both-

There are many resources via digital format, in which we can begin telling our stories and strive to achieve the balance between life, health, management, happiness and Art, and many others.

Digital Awareness:

Many programs and apps have the capability of helping us, but sometimes the amount of apps and ways we can accomplish things online can be overwhelming. Narrow down your search and just choose a few different apps and websites that can help you accomplish the basics: WRITING, READING and ART. Start by writing notes in a WORD Program and piece it all together later and Share with us at our NSSB Meetings 2X/per month, on the 2nd and 4th TUESDAY. The Session is one hour and it lasts from 2-3PM on Zoom. CAll us for the ZOOM link ahead of time, and we will gladly share it with you!

In the modern eras now and to come, we have small flash drives, extra data drives and drives that you can buy at tech stores like Best Buy and online stores, the names are becoming too many to name. We can send an image of our "masterpieces" within moments and an entire portfolio is sent in a Zip folder.

How can we learn all of the necessary steps? We can educate ourselves.

We can share our knowledge with each other by remaining a familiar face via social networking and in Sessions here at My Voice Media Center.

Ask. Ask for help, or advice and we can create new avenues for you all, as artists.

Coming Soon...

The Portfolio Page for Participants: Participant Portfolios

This will be part of our website and collaboration will take time, but this should be up and running in the next months before Taste the Arts and May's Mental Awareness Month.

(Remember, May's Mental Awareness Month is being run at Arts Consortium, by My Voice Media Center...Our NEW Theme for Our Mental Health Awareness Project for May, will be announced SOON on social media and in this blog)

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