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Amazing April

April is a time for the spring flowers to continue to bloom and for the sun to come out.

Monthly Update

Theme: Amazing April

Color: Dark Lavender (#734f96)

Our monthly theme and color are based on the amazing flowers that Springtime can bring. Dark lavender is an uplifting color associated with the lavender plant, which has a pleasant aroma and is wonderful to paint. Our participants are encouraged to incorporate our monthly themes and colors within their artistic self-expression. 


“Repetition establishes stability”

-Joe C.




(Above) 2D and 3D Art Session TUESDAYS 10-12pm)

MVMC Activities and Mental Health Awareness in April:

  • On April 18th there is a fundraising event in TULARE, at the “Crumble Cookie”. Karen Bootz must receive raffle baskets and donations by April 8th. Email KAREN:

  • Congratulations to the 13 participants who were nominated and to the 3 who received the Recovery Champions Award. What a beautiful event! We are so proud of you!

  • Holidays this month include: BIPOC Health Month, Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, Alcohol Awareness Month, Apr 6 National Alcohol Screening Day, Apr 14-20 Volunteer Week (Mental Health America)


MVMC Session Updates


No Stigma Speakers Bureau Session

  • Look for the film, “Untangling Roots, Cultivating Wellness and Recovery”, a video created for social media and TV by MHSA Community Outreach Team!

  • UPCOMING: MAY 14th, at 11:AM the NSSB Session participants and staff will be presenting for the LOFTS in collaboration with Self-Help Enterprises.

Peer Support Session

  • In February participants who requested Peer Support, old and new, have been working on WRAP plans and learning tools to cope with triggers, with our Peer support specialist, Olivia Garza.

Art and Feelings Session

  • On the last FRIDAY of February, participants will explore the color of the month – Dark Lavender!

  • Participants learned how to brainstorm ideas together using the color of the month, nonetheless, all their artworks were unique.

Art of Movement Session

  • Art of Movement’s George Jagatic works with participants at different levels of experience on artful stretching and posing.

  • The Art of Movement session has been rehearsing a performance they will present live during the May 3rd, Mental Health Month event at Arts Consortium’s, F1rst Friday.

  • The “Expressions of Wellness and Recovery” will be presented on May 3rd, 2024, from 5-8 pm at the Art Consortium’s gallery.

Drawing Session

  • The Drawing session, with facilitator, Bronson Combs, has been working on still-life drawings in graphite, from everyday objects.

Guitar Session

  • The Guitar session is working on the song “Donna”, by Ritchie Valens, with their facilitator, Hector Uriarte.

  • The Guitar session is working on original music by a participant for May, Mental Health Month’s F1rst Friday event with the Arts Consortium, 5-8pm. The show is entitled “Expressions of Wellness and Recovery”.

Photo and Video Editing Session

  • The Photo and Video Editing Session has been working with AI in Photoshop.

  • Participants continue to learn how to use their cameras indoors and outdoors.

Painting Session

  • Heidi Steinman guides the participants who have started a study on the Dry Creek Preserve in Woodlake, CA.

  • Please visit for more information on the Dry Creek Preserve.

Printmaking Session

  • Eddie Isaola, the facilitator, has the participants carve into wooden blocks to create multiple prints of the same image.

2D 3D Art

  • Participants practice using textures, colors, and a variety of art media and discussions to express themselves.

  • Welcome our new facilitator, Merry Miller-Gass!


Offsite Youth Sessions with our Partners: (for Youth 18 and younger)

Tulare County Court Appointed Special Advocates: CASA Art Night

California Health Collaborative: HEAL Project’s “Creative Corner”

Allensworth Progressive Association: Allensworth Art Night


About the My Voice Media Center:

The My Voice Media Center (MVMC) is made possible through a partnership between the Arts Consortium and the Tulare County Health and Human Services Mental Health branch.The My Voice Media Center serves adults from throughout Tulare County who have first-hand experiences with mental health struggles and those who provide support for the same.We believe that self-expression through various mediums of art can help our community members thrive on their path of wellness and recovery. The My Voice Media Center aims to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Our activities include the following:

● We provide a safe and welcoming environment where participants may explore their artistic style.

● We provide opportunities for our participants to learn from professional artists on and off-site.

● We provide exhibition and art sale opportunities for interested participants.

● We provide opportunities for our participants to take part in presentations that help educate our community at large about mental wellness and recovery.

● We collaborate with local organizations to promote and advocate for mental health services.

● We provide opportunities for our participants to visit other arts and culture centers.


MVMC Resources and Works Cited

To request a No Stigma Speakers Bureau Presentation email:, or

Mental Health America; 2024 National Mental Health Observances Calendar


We would like to invite you to become a participant in the My Voice Media Center's free arts programming by visiting us and completing an enrollment form.
If you are interested in becoming a participant, having the NSSB session speak to your organization, would like to showcase MVMC’s artwork, or have general questions about the MVMC Project of Arts Consortium, please contact us!


Social Media: Facebook

NSSB on Facebook: NSSB Facebook Page


Enroll at the Arts Consortium:

340 E. Oak Ave, Suite 112

Visalia, CA 93291

Voicemail: 559-772-0001



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