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Yellow and Sunshine in Art

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Let your light SHINE for AUGUST SUNSHINE

Have you thought about this month's theme yet? If not here are some inspirational thoughts and work:


In July we had participants working on Photography and the use of the shutter speed and aperture to create effects of light into each frame. Participants were able to learn about the spectacular ability for a camera to capture and "re-capture" light so that shapes and even words can be drawn as a camera snaps a photo!

Michael Alvarez is in session on Thursday's at 10am-12pm. If you are a participant and would like to join. Please call My Voice Media Center, or come on in!

I this session the basics of using a camera, tripod and the techniques that are necessary to begin in photography are provided. My Voice Media Center is a mental health outreach, so we focus mainly on wellness and recovery, having and expressing resilience is one of our keys to success.

What else have our participants been up to and what are we looking into in August?

August sunshine is a celebration of good attitudes, resilience and participation. In Pastels and Acrylics I have had many participants interested in My Voice Media Center photograph their work. We have opportunity for those who are ready to present a portfolio to be published on our site. When participants are ready with a breadth of work, presentably their best overall work and work that helps express and describe them as an artist and person, we offer Portfolio Connections on our website. Please look under Portfolios from the main page.

From Pastels and Acrylics:

Two times per week Wed from 10-12 and Fri 10-12!


Printmaking has a unique impact on viewers. The work itself is created and then carved out of a block of soft linoleum. The block is then "inked" with a roller in special printmaking ink. After the block is evenly coated the participant can then carefully place a practice sheet of paper to pull a print. Once the desired ink amount and placement on the paper is reached, then the final print, or prints are pulled.

And yes, it is possible to use colors like our theme suggests, just have our talented facilitator show you how!

Remember this doesn't happen all in one day, so let your sunshine for August be your hard work you put into each day! Inspiration helped make the work you see here, inspiration from each other and My Voice Media Center!

From Printmaking: for more details on Printmaking please come visit or call Arts Consortium at (559)802-3266

2D and 3D Art:

What is this exactly? We have combined two concepts here in 2D and 3D Art where participants are able to learn how to create using 2D surfaces and materials, and also use the addition of projects designed for 3D projects, such as assemblage. In 2D art we call a similar technique a collage because it is made with dimensional objects.

Our own August Sunshine, Michael K. was presented as one of our featured peer artists and says he plans to create a portfolio in Portfolio Connections! If you look closely at Michael's work you'll see that collage is a unique form of art-making that requires an imaginative attitude and various materials. He has cut small birds from one print and created a wide variety of other elements using other prints. He has even added an envisioned string along the work for telephone wires. Keep on creating Michael!

Thank you to our Facilitators and Participants pictured and work shown here: M. Alvarez, Photography, Joe R., Photography, Nelson M., Photography, Rebecca H., Pastels and Acrylics, Cathy S. and Joan, Pastels and Acrylics, Francisco Alonso, Printmaking, Nelson M., Printmaking, Olivia G., 2D and 3D Art, and Michael K., 2D and 3D Art

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