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WHAT is the MHAM Video?

Updated: May 1, 2021

What is the MHAM Video 2021 and WHO is involved?

The MHAM video 2021 is a collaboration between all Facilitators and Participants, the whole of My Voice Media Center. The video is designed to take a closer look into Mental health and My Voice Media Center's talents all brought together. The video is also a celebration of Mental health made for MAY, MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS MONTH. We were unable to make a MHAM Video during the Pandemic.

We are happy to bring you this years video, MHAM 2021. In preparation for this event and collaboration. The Facilitators make special efforts to organize and have an outlook on how their particular session can participate and be a part of the video. The video consists of a general outline and many brainstorming between Facilitators and Participants happen up until April 2021, when the collaboration begins.

This years video is a collection of poetry writings by Olivia Garza, our 2D and 3D Facilitator and Peer Support Specialist. Each excerpt has a category, totaling 6 categories. The categories are subjects of Mental Health and Mental health tools, these are things and ideas that many of us use every day. "Listen, Support, Friendship, Family, Acceptance, and Support Groups," are the titles of the six categories. Participants will take turns reading the excerpts and hold up the corresponding sign made by Printmaking. Video and Photo Editing Sessions will photograph and document the video clips, which will be edited later in a regular session.

As a Special team, depending on each other, our Facilitators have taken initiative, along with our Participants.

2D and 3D Art with OLIVIA GARZA (Peer Support Special

Printmaking with Francisco Alonso (WED 12-2PM)

Printmaking has joined by helping My Voice Media Center create signs that express each Mental Health and important genre of the Mayhem 2021 video. These signs will be held by the participants while the poetry excerpts are read aloud. Then the video clips, also shot by the Participants under the directs of the Facilitators, goes to Video Editing and Photo Editing with Phet Kamsaysoury, Tuesdays and Fridays at My Voice Media Center, located in the Arts Consortium as it is own project.

Photo and Video Editing with Phet Kamsaysoury

In Photo and Video Editing, Phet takes the time and patience to show Participants how to piece together film clips, photos and other special effects for a complete and finished video. He uses professional programs that you can access on your computer from home and meets via ZOOM.

Photography Participants are also welcome to Participate

Previous MHAM Video:

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(Located in the Arts Consortium)

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