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Water in Art and Feelings

Discovering tools and techniques that can help with our mental health and with our art is a beautiful thing. Merry, our art facilitator for "Art and Feelings" decided to go with a water theme for June.

Exploration of Water and Emotions:

In her session participants have been discussing the way water moves, the way it makes us feel, and talking about different ways to incorporate this into your art.

Making Paper

As explored in her previous sessions, Merry has shown us how to make books, well now she has shown some of our participants how to make paper from scratch.

The Water...

Explorations about how to use watercolors, paint raindrops, and discuss emotional trends with flowing water and flowing emotions are great ways to spend an Art and Feelings session.

Other Sessions who enjoyed water this month...

Merry also joins MVMC as a participant who loves printmaking and enjoys carving a block in the next image.

Art and Feeling Session; May 2023


Coming soon... "July Friendships"!

July is the start of some exciting things!

Some of you may know that July is Social Wellness Month and July 24th is International Self-Care Day!

We will have a participant appreciation day in July for International Self-Care Day! (TBA)

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