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Video Editing Genius

The genius of My Voice Media Center is really in the positive attitudes, consistent attendance and hard work of many of our participants. We commend all of those who try to express themselves through the arts, promoting having "no stigma" and having the courage to stay on their path of wellness and recovery.

We are proud of you!!!

In our Sessions:

We therefore like to see what each individual is up to in the sessions, by noticing, lending a listening ear to those who would like to share their work, and taking lots of pictures of your work and posting them to Facebook, or writing about them in our blog. Sometimes we love our participants' work so much that we may post it on our website and also enter it into shows wherever possible.

Susan L. Video Editing

Susan and May's Video:

In this article, I would like to mention a particular participant in our Video Editing Session. She is always there for us when it comes to May, Mental Health Awareness Month's "MAYHEM" video, and many other projects. Currently, she is putting together a special video for MAY that will have some exciting interviews she worked hard on.

She spent a day interviewing staff, She then spent another day editing the shoot and putting together a B-Roll of images from other times we have had here at My Voice Media Center. What a genius!

The video will be released this coming F1rst Friday, at the Arts Consortium from 5-8 pm. Come and see this video and much more this come F1rst Friday event.

Arts Consortium is located Downtown, at 340 E. Oak Ave. in Visalia, CA 93291.


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