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Valentine's Day Creating

It is almost here. The day in which you show your love for someone special! This can be anyone from friends, family, and of course, the love of your life. So what will you do? What will you make?

Ideas for Video Editors:

From the creative suite "invideo" comes many ideas for creating a loved one, a Valentine's Day gift. Their article, "10 Heartwarming Valentine's Day Video Ideas for 2023", outlines several different ways to make a short video. Some of the great ideas are:

What about Photo Compositing, or Editing?

On Behance, by ADOBE, there are many artists and tutorials for photography compositing and editing. One of my favorites was flowers by Robert Peek, from Rotterdam, Netherlands.

One of our Participants photographs in-session work while the session is live. She captures the moments of the art session as the art-making is happening.

Drawing with Bronson February 2023; Photography by Susan

Valentine's day at My Voice Media Center has always meant it is about caring for your art, for your passion and for creating.

Our Peer Art Gallery is one place to look for art to enjoy. There are many other ways you can enjoy traditional art this Valentines. Try "Daily Art Magazine" online for inspirations.


Drawing February 2023

CASA Kids Art Night January 2023

Guitar Tuesdays at MVMC 1-3 PM

2D and 3D Art Valentine's 2022



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