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Using a Limited Palette...

Painting is one of the oldest forms of art. Cave drawings are the oldest form of painting iconic figures and experiences as a people. We use this communication for many things. For example a mural or a painting of a landscape may be meant to convey and evoke a certain feeling about a place.

Speaking of murals, our new Painting facilitator, Heidi, who painted one of the murals downtown, showed participants how to create beautiful contrast using a limited palette, today.

Artists: Rustle, Nelson and Heidi

Using a limited palette is just one of the ways in which you can design, discover color theory and contemplate the composition before you paint. Creating a composition takes time, but the rewards are great if you can help teach yourself the necessary tools, such as patience, perseverance and as one participant put, a "collaborative" effort.

What limited palettes are there?

There are many resources to help you discover your limited palette, that challenges you, not takes away from your art. "How To Paint with a Limited Palette - Art Studio Life" is a great article on how to look at the various kinds of limited palettes for your chosen design method, such as monochrome, warm/cool contrast, in "zorn"palette "The Zorn palette consists of just 4 colors – yellow ochre, ivory black, vermillion and white".


Please join this session by enrolling with the My Voice Media Center, today! We offer FREE Art Session for adults who have a lived experience with mental health, friends and family are welcome. We continuously provide these sessions weekly and are proud of our outstanding facilitators who are artists in our very own community.


I hope you come and enjoy this session and experience the joy of painting.

The session is on Thursdays from 10AM to 12PM



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