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Untangling Roots, Cultivating Wellness and Recovery

Health and Human Services Agency, Mental Health Division, MHSA's Community Outreach Team, and My Voice Media Center pulled together some resources, like our No Stigma Speakers Bureau to put together the videos, "Untangling Roots, Cultivating Wellness and Recovery.

See the trailer:

The No Stigma Speakers Bureau:

Each one of our No Stigma Speakers Bureau presenters was able to participate in the video series.

Each of our participants worked hard at practicing their stories and preparing to be on camera for two shooting days at the Arts Consortium's gallery and LOFTS in Visalia, CA.

Congratulations, Olivia, Susan, Sheila, Theodora, and Corrine on a fantastic job! We are so proud of you!




The entirety of the video series will be released on HHSA's website:

Stay tuned for all 5 videos - they will be released each week in May, for Mental Health Month!


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