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Traditional Artmaking Processes

2D and 3D Art Session

Participant work; April 2022; 2D and 3D Art with Olivia Garza

Olivia Garza, our Peer Support Specialist continues to facilitate the 2D and 3D Art Session, inviting peers to come and join in the creating fun! She enjoys to create sessions that all are welcome to attend, peers of all levels of artistic ability. Her session this week for instance, was a creative re-occuring session having to do with texture art and creative colors.

Pastels and Acrylics with Rebecca Haigh

Participant Work; April 2022; Pastels and Acrylics with Rebecca Haigh

In Rebecca's traditional instruction our peers are able to start and leave off where they need. Their skills improve each time with traditional drawing skills and composition skill needed to create a final design in Pastels and Acrylics.

The design and finished product of a work is important to Rebecca. She works with peers at all levels and will help the willing participant create a finished work that is ready to hang. Some of her peers are already professional artists, some are just beginning here at My Voice, and some are well one their way on their own path of art.

Other sessions...

There are many other sessions at My Voice Media Center and we also offer free access to a computer by appointment.


Peer Support

NSSB (No Stigma Speaker's Bureau)



Photo Editing

Video Editing

Other Activities that may occur throughout the year:

Writing Workshops

Annual Installation Committee

Annual or Bi-Annual Art Experience Session (Fieldtrip)

Mental Health Awareness Month (MAY)

F1rst Friday in May with Art Consortium

All-Sessions Day (Quarterly)-a visit to a Tulare County place or museum

Please call (559) 772-0001 for more information on how to become a participant at My VoiceMedia Center, a project of the Arts Consortium.

My Voice Media Center is an entity of the ARTS CONSORTIUM. We offer free art sessions for adults, and their family and friends, who have lived-experienced with mental health struggles in their lived. We encourage participants to express themselves through the arts and support their path of wellness, recovery and resilience.

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