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Traditional Art Sessions

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Pastels and Acrylics

Our long standing art sessions such as pastel and acrylic painting have been around for years. We offer an opportunity to learn a traditional art skill that can be used in a variety of ways including pastels and acrylic painting.

Rebecca Haigh, a wonderful local artist, is as talented as it gets. She offers a welcoming environment of all levels to come and join her in learning the traditional art of pastels on Wednesdays from 10am to 12pm and Acrylic Painting on Fridays from 10am to 12pm.

So, join in the fun, creativity and learn from a great artist of the community, Rebecca Haigh!

By starting the participant where they left off and with new ideas, Rebecca is able to instruct the individual on how to draw and develop skills to put down a composition before reaching for the pastels and acrylics. After the design has been finalized she helps them compose out of the wonders of color and blending.

Please join us in thanking Rebecca Haigh for being such an integral part of the My Voice Media Center and come join us.

Participant: Joan who enjoys Pastels every WED at 10AM - 12PM

To become an enrolled participant: please call or email us at (559)772-001 or



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