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What Tools and Resources Can Aid in Planning and Goals?

With the coming of the New Year and the Resolutions have been made. What do you do now? What kind of planning do you need? What tools are available to you?

There are many tools to help keep us going throughout the year, like Printables and Organized Drawers, but how do you get there?

1. First things first, clean workspaces and place in your home in which you want to organize. That way these spaces, although cluttered, can be comfortably reached and you can come back the next day

2. Next, plan a good day for different spaces in your home, even your car can be a whole separate day.

3. Make a list for the following: the spaces and the days that you intend on cleaning them, one at a time. You can't do it all in one day.

4. In the meantime, while you are checking you email in the morning, print out a few organizing templates, or save them to your computer for later. Here is a good site that has a lot of different templates for different things. Remember we all organize in different ways.

5. Apply the organized templates to the areas in your house and on your computer.

For instance, the kitchen can be organized with a template for shopping and keeping the cupboards organized.

6. Make a list of items that you need to organized each area and that might help your template.

For instance, List of Items Needed to Organize the Kitchen: 1. New handles

2. Mats for the drawers

3. Mats for the Floor

4. New bowls

Remember to keep the list short and keep adding to it as the year goes on. After so long you will have a working list that you can double check each year. Type it up and save it.

7. How does that relate to Art? How does that relate to mental Health?

Here's the answer.

There are other tools that we use all year round that aren't from a template, or they aren't from your computer, or printer. I suggest making a list of the most important things to you in your sketchbook, and then coming up with a way for you to manage these things one by one.

Just like the kitchen the ideas that surround us, inspirations for art, for instance can become its own template in your mind, but will you ever make that template?

Keeping a Journal, a SKETCHBOOK Journal is an important way for artists to stay organized. Use the method above of listing and making a way for you to access help, like a template for each area of your life.

Here is an example:

My list: 1. Anxiety to sit down and draw

2. Friends to Visit out of Town

3. Social Media I need to post more images

4. Watercolors/Painting more

Keep it Short for now. I can almost garantee that you will add things and think about more things to add as the time moves forward.

Then, AS YOU BECOME READY, not all at once find a website to save on your bookmark bar, or an app to download on your phone that can help you. One at a time.


I found this site to help me with NUMBER 1:

Remember to make a list of the things that helped you: like the stress test on the site;

This one to help me with NUMBER 2: "Google Maps"; Google has a bunch of useful apps and templates to help you plan a trip. I'll keep the list I make and use it next time I travel-THINKING AHEAD.

See how I thought that out!


Here's NUMBER 3:

Here's number 4:

With the many videos available for free on, I can find one I like, subscribe and keep up the good work! Try to stay with one YouTuber, so the style of painting stays the same.

I wish you all good luck in finding the best way to bring about your New Years Resolutions. When in doubt, write it down! Have FUN!

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