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About the Photo and Video Session-The Lumberyard Interviews

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

The Photo and Video Editing Session

Since the move, the Photo and Video editing sessions have been working tirelessly on projects to help us remember the Lumberyard, remember the Arts Consortium the way it was, and to get footage and photos of interviews with members fo the community that have memories there at the old lumberyard, even before us.

Some of the interview questions:
  1. What was your job title at the lumberyard? And what years did you work there?

  2. Can you give us the history of the lumberyard? When did it open? When did it change hands?

  3. How was your experience working there? Were there any big changes while working there?

  4. Why was there digging at the lumberyard?

  5. What artifacts did you find when digging? What were the locations? Were there any complications or issues while digging?

  6. After your time at the lumberyard were you aware of what was going on at the lumberyard over the years?

  7. Do you remember any interesting experiences while at the lumberyard?

  8. Did you know that the lumberyard was the site of Fort Visalia?

  9. Do you know what was on the site before the lumberyard was built?

Thank you to all of you who participate in Photo and Video Editing!

Photos by Susan, a participant at My Voice Media Center; 2021; Lumberyard Event: RIP Lumberyard Event by Michael Alvarez and company

Stay tuned for more information!

The Photo and Video Editing Session is on Tuesdays from 11-1PM and Friday from 12-2PM

Visit Arts Consortium at the new address for an enrollment form:

808 N. Court St.

Please visit the Arts Consortium or email us for First Friday information!


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