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Theme: July Night Skies

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

In creating themes for each month, I hope on inspiring facilitators and participants in My Voice Media Sessions. There are many ways to incorporate a theme into a session and especially into artwork and music. Themes are a general concept, enduring worldly idea, or just a basic subject matter for most. Themes can also have special worth to them when looked at psychologically, emotionally, or in a way that tells a story. The creative process allows for an individual to take the theme and practice it using sketching, writing and note-taking. When a final sketch, writing, song, or idea is reached, then the artist begins to create the final work. This is the Creative Process at work. Having a theme helps an individual finalize that idea, narrow down the resources and hone in on skills rather than spending a lot of money.

This month the theme "July Night Skies" was inspired by the celebration of the 4th of July, looking up at the sky in the summer evenings and the magical atmosphere blue creates as it relaxes and replenishes us. In the psychological look at the color blue an artist is determined to find the right hue for the mood they wish to express. A light color blue will help a person think of a "blue" sky, and a dark midnight blue (cobalt blue in paint) will help a person think of night, and in California, nights are much cooler in the summer, so it's relaxing.

Artists who have painted "the night sky" as their subject matter include, 1. "Vincent Van Gogh, 'Starry Night'",

2. "Vincent Van Gogh; 'Starry Night over the Rhone'; 1888"

3. "Georgia O'Keefe; 'Starlit Night'; 1917"

4. "Claude-Joseph Verner; 'Night-A Port in the Moonlight; 1748"

5. "James McNeill Whistler; 'Nocturne in Black and Gold, The Falling Rocket'; 1875, Oil Painting"

I strongly encourage you to have a creative focus like a theme or color as we did for July in creating your art. We can have these themes in other types of art, like 2D and 3D Art along with Video, Photography, Videography and Photo Editing. I hope to see some of the themed art from My Voice Media Center soon!


Check out these articles where the images and inspiration came from for this BLOG below:

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My Voice Media Center Participant; 2021; Acrylics on Canvas


Thank you for enjoying "JULY NIGHT SKIES"!


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