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the SEARCH for the SELF

In writing and journaling in the New Year we become more accustomed to our own way of life and prepare ourselves for coming events. Practicing self-awareness throughout the year is also important, as we keep writing our lifelong journey down on paper, on canvas and through other forms of art like photography and video.

I encourage the self, I give my self confidence, and I have made definitions of myself through my art.

In our 3-D art session with Olivia I witnessed a group that became very self-aware and created works that both encompassed the present self and the future self. What would you tell your future self? What would your future self look like?

What is the SELF-In art we can complete self-awareness activities, like self-portraits, interviews, self-photographed self-portraits and videos. WE can share a bit of ourselves on Social Media platforms, by using funny Gifs, and posts that have special reactions. Defining who we are is a concept as old as time itself, as old as you are. WE as humans define who we are, to be progressively and learn not only everything about ourselves, but to learn from our mistakes and improve as human beings. Support each other through what we know about ourselves and we are learning how to be part of a kind humanity. A Portrait can be made of many things, but what about it is representational of you?

"Self, the “I” as experienced by an individual. In modern psychology the notion of the self has replaced earlier conceptions of the soul."

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